Meet BRiZ


Meet BRiZ

BRiZ e-scooter makes a short commute across densely populated urban areas really easy, eco-friendly and extremely enjoyable. Did we mention its also very affordable? The scooters only cost $1 to start and then 25 cents per minute. Are you ready to take a ride?

How to start

It takes no longer than 5 minutes.

  • Download the app from app store.
  • Create your profile and login.
  • Enter the payment details.
  • That's it! Find an e-scooter nearby.

How to ride

When you found the e-scooter nearby

  • Check the scooter's condition
  • Scan scooter’s QR code.
  • Go for a ride.
  • Park the scooter properly.
  • End the ride on the app.
  • Check details of your trip in the app.

Where to ride

Ride an e-scooter in a bike lane, or on the right-hand side of the road. Please don’t use the sidewalks unless local laws allow it. If it is allowed, please yield to pedestrians when riding on sidewalks.


Wear a helmet

Rules and regulations considering wearing safety gear or a helmet while riding an e-scooter vary from city to city. We at BRiZ encourage you to make sure you follow local rules, but even if it's not required by law we highly recommend always wear a helmet for your own safety.

Where to park

Park your scooter in a bike rack or in designated scooter parking spaces/areas that do not block the right-of-way, limit access for individuals with disabilities, risk damaging private or public property, or jeopardize public safety.